Tentacle Wars Android: The Ultimate Guide

This Tentacle Wars Android: The Ultimate Guide will go through all the aspects of the game.  It will start with an overview of the game, including all the different parts.  The guide will then go into tips and tricks of Tentacle Wars.  This will be the last guide you will ever need for your guide on how to play and win this game!  The guide says for android, but it will apply to any version of Tentacle Wars.  You can download the game from the Play Store.

Overview of Tentacle Wars

This will go over the main game mechanics and all the different parts of the game.  This will be a brief overview, as most of these mechanics are talked about in the games tutorials.

Tentacle Wars Goal

The overall goal of tentacle wars is is to control the whole map, making every cell green.  This is accomplished by sending out tentacles to other cells, which in turn send out energy pulses to the other cell.  When you overpower an enemy cell, you start off with 10 energy on your green cell.  You can also cut your tentacle to send energy faster, as every little segment of the tentacle counts as an energy, and it shoots into the other cell, be it an enemy, a neutral, or a friendly cell.

Neutral Cells

Neutral cells do not have to be green for you to win.  They help be giving you more green cells to send out more energy, but the enemy can all capture these neutral cells for themselves.  Unlike capturing enemy cells, clicking on the neutral cell will tell you how much energy is needed to capture a neutral cell (the occupancy), and this will give you a fraction of how close you are, or an enemy is to capturing the neutral cell. The power value when clicking on a neutral cell is how much energy that cell will start with when captured.

Blue and Red Enemies

Tentacle Wars Red and Blue Enemies

The blue and red enemies from Tentacle Wars are the basic enemies.   They have basic AI, and are the simple enemies to win against.  They are different enemies, so they will fight each other, but their AI is exactly the same.  They usually wait a little while at the start of the game to make a move, and they almost never cut off their tentacles to send a lot of energy at you or at neutral cells.  They almost never feed energy into one of their own cells to boost their own power.

Purple Enemy

Tentacle Wars Purple Enemy

Purple enemies are the hard version of the enemy.  They have a much advanced AI as compared to the red and blue enemies.  They start almost instantly when the game starts, and they will do almost everything blue and red do not do.  This includes feeding into their own cells to boost their own energy, and cutting their tentacles into your cells, or into their own cells when they get low while being attacked.

Purple enemies of Tentacle Wars are difficult to beat and win against, but that is why you are on this guide, to find the most efficient and best way to win!  Keep reading for some good tips and tricks that will greatly improve your Tentacle Wars skill!

Can You Reach?

Tentacle Wars Connection Complete

This is not explicitly said in the tutorial, but it is hinted towards.  When you drag a tentacle towards another cell, you can tell if it will reach or not.  This is shown in the image above, inside the red circle.  The tentacle is being dragged from the right most cell into the one that is circled.  The circled cell has four yellow arrows pointing into in.  This means that the tentacle will reach!

Tentacle Wars Connection Incomplete

When the cell that has the tentacle being dragged into it has four grey arrows instead of yellow arrows, that means the tentacles will not reach as that moment.  This can also be seen in the middle of the image above, with the little dots drawing a line between cells.  Each dot represents an energy, and the yellow ones are how far the cell and its current energy would reach.  The grey dots show how much more energy is needed to reach the target cell.

Since it only tracks how far the current energy would reach, it can be a good idea to connect a tentacle when it would not reach, but it has to be close enough that the energy growth in the starting cell will grow big enough to cover the remaining space in the time the tentacle is reaching.  If a tentacle cannot reach, it will just retract back into the starting cell, but the cell will shrink based on how much energy is still in the cell.  The tentacle takes energy from the starting cell, 1 energy for each tentacle segment.

Tips and Tricks

These tips and tricks for Tentacle Wars will help you gain an advantage and give you a better chance to win each game and level.  Not all of these tips and tricks can be used each level, but as many as can be used will increase your chances of victory!

Infinite Loop

Tentacle Wars Infinite Loop

In the picture above, there is a triangle of green tentacles.  They are pointing in a circle (triangle).  This is very effective because the cells send out energy pulses in a circle, and each of the 3 cells grow.  This helps each of them grow faster, as they grow on their own, and they grow when they get an energy pulse sent into them.  As they grow in size, they send out energy pulses even faster through the tentacles.  This loop, once each cell has reached its power limit, can completely fill up with energy, so every tentacle segment has energy in it!

If you can get at least one infinite loop in every game level, it will be a great help and greatly improve your chances of winning.

Sending Energy Into Your [Full] Cells

When you send energy pulses into a full cell, it instantly transfers that energy into its tentacles, so there can be more than a simple pulse sent out.  If you have enough energy flowing into a full ell, there can be a constant flow coming out from that cell.  This helps keep the cell at the biggest size it can be, so it sends out energy pulses faster anyways, and also can help overpower any other cell that you are trying to take.

More Tentacles the Better

Each cell sends out a constant pulse of energy through each tentacle which is attached to a different cell.  This pulse speed is determined by what size the cell is (more information about the cell size can be seen below).  This energy pulse is not taken from the cell itself, and is created from thin air.  This means that the more tentacles you have from each cell, the more energy you can create for your cells.  It is highly recommended that you use as many tentacles as your cells allow you to, as this will allow your green cells to create as much energy as possible.

Getting the Neutral Cells

Tentacle Wars Neutral Cell

Getting the neutral cells is very good.  It gives you free power and energy.  In the image above, the occupancy is how much energy and power is required to capture that neutral cell.  It counts how much energy and power that already has been put into it with the fraction.  In the cell, the middle will also change colors and start to grow when it is being captured.  This means you can estimate how much a neutral cell is captured without having to click on it.

The power value is what the power or energy of the cell will be when captured.  The cell shown in the image above needs 25 energy to capture it, and will start with 76 energy or power.  This means you instantly gain 51 energy or power when you capture this neutral cell.  You create free energy very easily, and you gain another green cell.  This is why it is highly recommended to get these neutral cells as quick as you can in the beginning of each game.  This will greatly increase your chances of winning.

Growing Your Cells

The bigger size the cell is, the faster is sends out energy pulses through its tentacles.  This means you want your cells to be as big as possible.  This is what many of the other tips are about, growing your cells as fast as you can, and keeping them at the power limit.  The infinite loop is to keep this true, as well as sending energy into full cells, and the more tentacles the better.

Cell Sizes

The bigger size your cell is, the faster it sends energy out through its tentacles.  This means you want your cells as big as the level lets them be.

This table shows the 6 different sizes each cell can be.  The table shows a picture of each tentacle cell size in the first column, as well as the value it grows from that cell, so the value that it moves to the next cell in the second column.  In the third column, that value is when it shrinks from that cell, and goes to the lower cell size.  The fourth column shows haw many tentacles can come away from that cell size.

Size Grow From Value Shrink Value Tentacle Limit
Tentacle Wars Size 1 15 - 1
Tentacle Wars Size 2 40 10 2
Tentacle Wars Size 3 80 30 2
Tentacle Wars Size 4 120 70 2
Tentacle Wars Size 5 160 110 3
Tentacle Wars Size 6 - 150 3