Interview with N1ckba, Android Developer

Another interview with another Android developer! N1ckba has a few apps on the Play store, including Bouncy Chick! He adds some more unique perspective on app development and making a game! Check out this interview, and look for future walkthroughs and interviews to come very soon!

How did you get into developing android apps?

First of all, I am studying computer engineering, so I learned some programming languages [there].  Four years ago, I made my first java app for my old phone (Sony Ericsson W810), because I was jealous of other people who used their android phones to make some easy calculations. This app calculated the score of a board game with cards. I then bought my first android phone and I watched some tutorials and learned how to make android apps.  I made the same app on android and uploaded it to the Google Play store.  In 2012 I made another app that I published on my Google play account (Gangnam Style Animated LWP).  When I became good enough, I worked as a freelancer on Fiverr and made apps for other people. It was fun and I learned a lot from that.

Where do you get the ideas for your apps?  What prompts you to make the apps you make?

I am getting ideas from other apps and games, but first of all I make apps that I want to use.  If they are good enough, I share them with other people.  I make apps because I like it and I am doing it as a hobby.  I like very much playing games and that’s why I started making games recently.  Also I like learning new things about computers and finding solutions to hard problems that have to do with programming.  The biggest thing that prompts me to make apps, is the idea that someone uses my app and finds it useful or has fun with it.

Can you quickly walk me through the process of getting the idea of an app to the publishing of the app on the apps store?

First I get the idea from a game I played or from something I do often and an app will make it easier.  Then I write down my idea and the app’s functions.  After that, I draw how the app should look like and I start programming.  When I finish the programming part I start drawing the graphics on a piece of paper and then I transfer them to the PC and digitize them.  When everything is done I test the app and change the things I don’t like.  Then I present the app to my friends and ask them for their opinion and suggestions.  When I’m satisfied with the result I publish the app on Google Play.

Do you create all the assets for the game? Including the artwork and music?

90% of the graphics are created by me.   I use graphics that I found online only when I can’t make something or I want to save time.   Unfortunately I can’t create music and sounds, so I use music and sounds that are shared online without copyright restrictions.

What is the most challenging part about developing and making a game?

The most challenging part for me is the graphics, because I am a programmer and I don’t have enough experience on making them.  I have canceled many projects because I couldn’t make the graphics.

What is the most fun part about developing an app?

The most fun part is the joy of always learning and experimenting with new things. Developing an app is like a puzzle game for me, where you have some basic pieces and you try to make something fun and useful from them.

Are you currently working on anything that you would be willing to share?

A week ago I uploaded a new app and I am working on it right now to make it better, based on users’ reviews and suggestions.  For the future I am planning to make a 3d runner game that will have a lot of humor and some innovative mechanics that I haven’t tested yet, so I prefer not to share with you.

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