Rhomb Walkthrough and Review

Play Rhomb on Kongregate, or get it for mobile from the Rhomb website!  Go play it, and come back here if you need any help.  The walkthrough below is made for the web version, with the mobile versions having more levels that will be on this site soon!

Rhomb Walkthrough

This walkthrough contains all the levels found in the web version of this game, which should be similar to the levels in the mobile versions of the game.  The mobile versions walkthrough will be on this site in the near future, so come back and look for that if you get stuck with this game on your phone!  Enjoy the walkthrough, and keep reading for a short review.

Rhomb Review

Rhomb is a fun, relaxing puzzle game.  The goal of the game is to get the blue rhombuses (slanted squares) back to the outline at the end of their line, without hitting the other rhombuses or gates.  This is a simple game to learn, with a slow ramping up of difficulty that will be perfect for anyone to pick up and play.  I would recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzle games at all, as it will be perfect for you!