Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Case Reviews

The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is a relatively cheap smartphone, boasting a 5-inch screen, 8-megapixel rear camera, 5-megapixel front-facing camera, and 1,080p HD video capture.  This is all pretty good for a smartphone, when you can get it for less than half the price of the Samsung Galaxy S5, and the specs are not that much worse it warrants that kind of price tag.

This post will be going over various cases for the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, with reviews and pictures for all of them.  They will all have links to Amazon or another online retailer, so if you want to pull the trigger and buy one, you can!  We will being having more product reviews related to the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, including screen protectors, Micro USD cards, and even headphones and other accessories for your smartphone.  I currently use a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, so that is why we will be going over this phone first, but we will also go through other phones in the future, so stay tuned!  We will be adding more cases to this list and reviewing them often, so keep checking back!

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Cases

Hard Cases

Grand Prime Case, LK [Shock Absorption] Hybrid Dual Layer Armor Defender Protective Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
Made and sold by LK, this is a great case, as it is the case I have on my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.  It feels comfortable in your hands, and does not add much weight or size to the phone.  It also adds protection to your phone, with an outer hard shell, and an inner shell of rubber, which protects from drops and other mishaps.


  • Great fit for the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
  • Soft bumper helps absorb shock combined with an anti-slip finish to secure the from bumps and drops
  • Slim fitting, lightweight and allows convenient access to all functions, cameras, buttons and ports
  • Made of high quality hard and durable plastic and silicone
  • Easy snap on/off installation

I would absolutely recommend this case, and if I ever needed to buy another case, or buy one for a different phone, it would be this case.  If you do not want a hard case, or this one does not interest you, keep reading, as we have reviewed a wide assortment of cases so you buy the perfect one for your Grand Prime!

Galaxy Grand Prime Case, Cellaria Holster SX Series – [Belt Clip] Shockproof Heavy Duty Rugged Case With Locking Belt Swivel Clip & Kickstand For Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Another hard case, this one is advertised as shockproof.  It also contains a built in kickstand, so you can watch videos without having to hold your phone up.  This is a great feature if you watch a lot of videos and do not want to always hold your phone, or if you are talking through video chat.  It also has a belt clip, which makes it perfect for the business life.  A shockproof case that clips on your hip for safe and easy access.

The case has 2 layers, a softer inner layer, and the hard outer shell, both working together to protect your phone.  This Galaxy Grand Prime case gives very easy access to all ports, buttons, sensors, speakers, and both cameras.

This case has some very good reviews on amazon, and is currently on sale for less than $10!  This is the case I would recommend if you want either a belt clip, or a kickstand, as well as solid protection for your phone.  This case would pair well with a good screen protector to protect your phone from all sides!

Wallet Cases

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Wallet Case
Sold by TrekCases, this case is a really cool case, that almost went in the fun cases category.  With over 37 unique case designs, and a 5 star rating on Amazon, this Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Wallet Case is a great choice if this is what you want.


  • Leather outside for a smooth and finished feel
  • Lanyard for easy carrying, grabbing, and helps to keep from losing the phone and wallet combination
  • Snap on case keeps your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime safe, while allowing access to all ports, buttons, and cameras
  • Magnetic closing flap keeps your phone screen safe
  • Multiple card slots on the wallet portion of the case

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Wallet Case

One of the biggest selling points of this case are the printed designs on the case.  There are over 37 different designs, ranging from a wolf, giraffes, butterflies, fish, unicorns, and a panda bear.  This Galaxy Grand Grand Prime also currently has a 5 star rating, so you know you will be getting a quality case for your phone.

Galaxy Grand Prime Case, EC™ [Shockproof][Drop Protection] Hybrid Dual Layer Slim Wallet Case with Card Slot Holder Hard Shell Cover for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Not only does this case have a compartment for holding your cards and money, it is also a hard case for protecting your phone and money.  The card slot has space for 2 different cards, and it opens and closes, to protect your cards and keep them completely inside the case.  This case has openings for all the different ports and openings, and is very easy to use all the buttons, including the home, sound, and power buttons.

This case is available in 7 different colors, including black, pink, and rose gold.  This case is also shockproof, protecting your phones from drops and scratches.

This is a case I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a wallet case that will also protect your phone from almost anything.  It has a hard protective shell, and protects not only your Galaxy Grand Prime, but also your cards.  Check this case out if those qualities sound good to you in the slightest!

Fun Cases

Galaxy Grand Prime Cartoon Silicone Case

Sold by Galaxy Grand Prime Silicone, these are some of the most fun Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime cases you will find!  They carry over 17 different designs and shapes to cover your Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime phone with style.


  • Flexible, soft silicon protecting your Galaxy Grand Prime from scratches and other minor damages
  • Openings to allow easy access to all features of your phone
  • Perfect fit for your smartphone
  • The cases are made environmentally friendly

With all the designs, you can get your own cartoon phone case.  These designs go from Minnie Mouse (seen below), to Stitch (from Leo and Stitch), to Hello Kitty, all the way to Tigger and a Starbucks coffee cup.  This case currently has over a 4.5 review with over 22 reviews, so you know you will being getting a case that will look stylish and attractive, as well as protect your Galaxy Grand Prime!

Galaxy Grand Prime Cartoon Silicone Case