Oil Tycoon: Cheats, Tips, Strategy Guide

Oil Tycoon – Idle Clicker Game (Get it from Amazon!) is a fun idle game, with a good amount of tapping at the beginning, but not so much in the mid and end game.

Oil Tycoon Territories

Territories are the main way you will be earning cash in Oil Tycoon.  You start with 3 territories unlocked, and you get to unlock the next 3 by upgrading all the previous territories to at least level 3.  You can upgrade them higher than level 3, but it is often better to stop at 3.  In the screenshot to the right, you can see that there is one upgraded to level 5, and this is because sometimes it is worth it to upgrade the previous territories higher, as they will bring higher income for a cheaper upgrade cost.  Territories only work then you have the game open and active, so they will not give you money when the game is closed.  Territories start off making as much as you can make by clicking in the very early game, but quickly, only after a few minutes of clicking, they will pass your possible earnings by clicking.  It is recommended to upgrade territories in Oil Tycoon as quickly as possible, and as soon as you get enough money to buy an upgrade that will increase your cash substantially.

Oil Tycoon Reputation

Reputation is how you upgrade your money earned while clicking.  You can only upgrade 1 thing at a time, and each group will only go up to 3, so there will never be any choices when buying reputation.  It is recommended to buy reputation in the beginning of the game, but as income from territories quickly passes possible clicking income, it is better to focus on upgrading territories and operations, and leaving reputation, as it will not help very much in the long game, unless you enjoy clicking a lot.



Oil Tycoon Operations

Operations are how you earn money offline, when the game is closed.  There are 2 things that are upgradable, the oil well capacity (cap), and how much income per hour you will be earning.  There are 4 operations open to be upgraded at a time, and just like the territories, you have to get each of them to level 3 before the next 4 operations are available.  2 of these 4 operations will increase the capacity, while the other 2 will increase the cash per hour.  You will then collect all this income earned offline from the oil well, which can be accessed from a button on the left of the main screen.  You can see both the operations tab, and the oil well in the screenshots to the right.

Oil Tycoon Prestige

You can buy bonuses using prestige, which are earned by doing a soft reset of the game.  These bonus upgrades include cheaper upgrades for territories, reputation, and operations, as well as a percentage bonus for each of them.  This can be helpful in progressing faster through this game.  You can prestige by resetting the game.  This will keep your current prestige, but will reset all of your other upgrades, and set your cash back to zero.  You can only reset after you have a certain amount in the bank, so you can check the prestige page on the right of the main page to see when you can gain prestige.  You can get to the page shown on the left by clicking the button on the upper right corner, it is the gold button shown in the screenshot to the left.


This is an enjoyable game that I am currently playing.  You should give it a shot!


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