Coloruid 2 Walkthrough

Play Coloruid 2

Coloruid 2 is the sequel to Coloruid, which you can find a walkthrough here!

Coloruid 2 is a puzzle game where you “Fill each level with a single color, by painting and merging existing colors within a limited amount of moves”.  All you have to do is: “Click to select color, then click on stage to paint it”.

This game was made by PasKuda13 on Kongregate.

Enjoy the video walkthrough!

This is a fun and simple game, but it can get quite challenging, which is why the walkthrough is good for some of the later levels.  A good tip for playing this game is that each click must combine all fields of a single color.  If that does not work for you, check out the walkthrough to get an advantage!  There are five colors, and for most levels you only have 5 clicks, so the advice above must be followed.  This is true for all levels where there are the same amount of colors as clicks.

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