Tumble Panda by ANDLABS Review

Have you ever wanted to be a panda, rolling around, collecting bamboo?  Well, neither did I until I downloaded and played the game Tumble Panda.

Tumble Panda Trailer

Tumble Panda Level PageYou play as a panda in a series of levels, rolling around each level, collecting a star and bamboo in each level, and finally touching a flag to complete the level.  You are able to get 4 stars in each level, and currently, there are 44 levels in Chapter 1: Jungle Life, with a chapter 2 coming soon.


Tumble Panda In Level 1


There are upgrades that you can buy with the bamboo that was collected in each level, and playing the game every day also gives you extra bamboo.  Upgrades include “Grip-Shampoo” for better grip, and “Goal Arrow”, which points toward the end flag.  There are also power-ups that are used for easier level completing, to give you an extra boost, or a magnet to attract the bamboo to you.  All of this costs bamboo, which is collected in each level.

Tumble Panda In Level 1

Each level is different, with different obstacles, one of which can been seen in the picture to the left, wooden crates.  These can be destroyed with the earthquake power-up, or by hitting them a few times with the panda.  In this picture you can also see the bamboo that you have to collect each level.  To get all the stars for each level, you fist need to collect all the bamboo.

Tumble Panda In Level 3
In the picture to the right, you can see the star that is in each level.  You also need to collect the star to get all the stars for all the levels.

If you like adventure games, where you have multiple unique levels where you have to complete a task or reach a goal in each of them, then this game is for you.  Even if you are not the biggest fan of those types of games, you will enjoy being a panda that rolls around each level, and solving each level, as they get increasingly harder.

I recommend this game, and it will be staying on my phone, as I want to 4 star each level in chapter 1, and then beat all the new levels in chapter 2 when it comes out.  This is a well made game by ANDLABS, and I look forward to seeing what they create in the future!

Download: Play Store (free)