Idle Oil Tycoon: Cheats, Tips, Strategy Guide

Idle Oil Tycoon is an idle game with very little actual clicking.  Buy oil businesses, buy upgrades, buy CEOs, and let them do the work for you!

Download the game from the Play Store, and come back for these tips!

Idle Oil Tycoon PropertiesIdle Oil Tycoon Properties

The properties are the way to make money in Idle Oil Tycoon.  There are 8 different properties, all relating to oil businesses.  The 9 properties are Gas Royalties, Oil Royalties, Gas Well, Oil Well, Oil Sands, Shale Play, Omani Field, and Saudi Field.  You have to buy these properties to actually make any money.  There are milestones when buying properties, every 100 when you get up to higher levels increase that properties profits by 3.  Getting all businesses to a certain milestone increases all business profits by at least 3, some milestones increase property profits by 10 times!

The most profitable property is the Saudi Field, but the most expensive to upgrade in the later stages of the game is the Gas Well, followed by Oil Sands.  These 2 businesses will be the limiting factor in how fast you will get money in the mid to late game stages.

Idle Oil Tycoon CEOsIdle Oil Tycoon CEOs

CEOs are what makes your properties run automatically without clicking them every time they finish.  Each CEO is related to 1 business.  The higher each CEO is upgraded, the faster after each business is done that it starts again.  This means you will make more even more money from each property, as there is less downtime the higher the CEOs are upgraded.  It is a good idea to upgrade the CEOs as soon as possible when you start playing, so you do not have to manually click each business when it is completed.  It also reduces downtime for each property, which can increase profits by a lot.  You have to click each property at least once for the CEOs to work for that particular property.  CEOs will work even when you close the app, so you will earn money at all times with the CEOs.

Idle Oil Tycoon TechnologyIdle Oil Tycoon Buy Technology

Technology is vital to progressing in this game.  You can buy these technologies and they will increase profits for a single property, or for all properties.  These are very helpful, and they are recommended to be bought as soon as possible, especially the Saudi Field and the All Properties technologies.  You can see at the bottom of this screen there are 2 options, “Buyable”, and “Bought”.  You can see what technologies you have already bought, and you do not have to scroll all the way down, because all the ones you have not bought are on a screen of their own.  This makes it easy to buy as many technologies as you can with how much money you currently have as fast as possible.  The last technology to buy is a very large jump from the previous technologies, so you might take a while to buy every technology.

Idle Oil Tycoon Specialists

Specialists in Idle Oil Tycoon help with progression in the game greatly.  There are 4 different specialists, each doing something different.  The Investment Advisor buys one additional level of the property that you selected.  This is good to be set to Saudi Field at the beginning of the game, and Gas Well at the mid to later game stages.

The Efficiency Manager speeds up the selected property when the bar fills up.  It is recommended for this to be set to Saudi Field, as that will make you the most money.  the Consultant will increase the amount earned from the selected property.  This one does it while it is filling up the bar, as when the bar is full, it unselects the selected property.  You want to have Saudi Field selected as much as possible, as that is the highest earning property.  The Negotiator makes the prices for the selected property lower.  This does not come into play until mid to late game, as it is very expensive to buy, so when you do buy it, it is recommended to selected Gas Well, as that will be your limiting property.

Idle Oil Tycoon RetirementIdle Oil Tycoon Retirement

Retirement is how you progress into the late stages of this game.  Every time you retire, you gain experience.  This experience acts as a multiplier for you properties, the more experience you have, the more your properties will be making.  I would recommend retiring when you have doubled your experience, as that seems to be a fast and easy way to progress through Idle Oil Tycoon.  The first retire can come whenever, but when you feel as your progress is slowing down is often the perfect time to retire and get that experience.  The “Experience on Reset” is how much total experience you will have when you retire/reset, it does not get added to “Current Experience”.


This is a very enjoyable idle game that is recommended if you like any idle games!  If you want more information, leave a comment, check out the wiki, or the subreddit.

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