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Moving around, collecting XP and obtaining a higher IQ is the premise of the new game Brain Slap.  Named Brainslap Dodge & Bounce on the Play store, and Brain Slap! Dodge & Escape the Bouncing Skulls! Free on the IOS app store, this is the first game by Sleepy Mouse Studios, run by a single person, Jacques Davis.

This is their first game in either app store, and it is a good starter app.  Not the most polished, but a good and refreshing variation on a common app and game type.



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You are a laughing head, following your finger on the screen, trying to touch/eat squares that moving around the screen.  When you finally touch the square, you gain points, which are IQ in this game, and also gain some XP.  You are also trying to dodge skulls that are also moving around the screen.  The skulls and squares bounce off the walls, as well as bouncing off each other, so they might go unexpected directions if you are not paying attention!

XP in Brain Slap is used to automatically unlock new songs that play while you are playing the game.  XP can also be used to unlock new game modes, but those can also be unlocked by playing and getting high enough IQ scores.

As you can see, I am not the best at this game, but I have accumulated some XP, enough to unlock 4 songs, and almost being halfway to unlocking the second game mode.

Brain Slap Playing the Game

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Simple games like this usually just have the objective to get on the high score list, which is an option with this game, but this game has the added longevity of being able to earn XP and unlock new features of the game with that XP.  This keeps me playing a game much longer than if it did not have long term goals, and just the same thing over and over.

If someone I knew was interested in these types of games, I would defiantly recommend Brain Slap, with the interesting art, and unlock-able game modes and features for playing well, or playing a lot.  I will be keeping my eye on this developer as he pursues his app making career further.




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To learn more about Sleepy Mouse Studios, check out their website.

Download Brain Slap: iTunes (free) | Play Store (free)