Unpuzzle Walkthrough, Answers, and Review

If you are looking for a fun puzzle game, Unpuzzle is a good place to start!  You can play this game on the web (Kongregate), as well as on Android, and on your iPhone (Apple).  This is made by the same developers as Rhomb, which is also written about on this site!  These are some very fun and relaxing puzzle games, there is no timing issues, everything just works out in your time.  The walkthrough is below, and all of the levels are timestamped below the video, so you can jump directly to the level you are having trouble with!

Unpuzzle Walkthrough

level 1 00:00

level 2 00:02

level 3 00:06

level 4 00:13

level 5 00:21

level 6 00:32

level 7 00:42

level 8 00:56

level 9 01:25

level 10 02:04

level 11 02:43

level 12 02:57

level 13 03:24

level 14 03:54

level 15 04:36

level 16 05:05

level 17 05:40

level 18 05:50

level 19 06:19

level 20 06:50

level 21 07:38

level 22 08:20

level 23 08:43

level 24 09:03

level 25 09:55

level 26 10:51

level 27 11:30

level 28 12:40

level 29 13:54

level 30 14:05

level 31 14:22

level 32 14:43

level 33 15:11

level 34 15:59

level 35 17:07

level 36 17:50

level 37 18:23

level 38 19:19

level 39 20:19

level 40 21:20


Unpuzzle Review

Unpuzzle is a fun puzzle game.  There are many different game mechanics that get introduced as you continue to play, which game the game fresh and interesting, while also ramping up the difficulty at a very good pace.  There are currently 50 levels on the web version of the game, and around 150 different levels on the mobile (Android and Apple) versions of the game.  There are only 40 levels that currently have a walkthrough, and as more levels are solved and a video or walkthrough is made, they will be posted here.  This is a fun game to try and figure out as much as possible on your own before coming back to this walkthrough, that is how much I enjoy the game!  There is also a medium badge for Unpuzzle (15 points, also part of the “Best of 2017 Quest”) on Kongregate for this game, so if you just want the badge, this is a perfect walkthrough for you.

The badge is for only 40 levels because the last 10 levels were just recently added, which is also why there is not a walkthrough for them yet.  That should tell you that this game is often updated and levels are being added, which could extend your time playing this game!  Enjoy Unpuzzle!

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