Taps to Riches: Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Taps to Riches is an idle game that has a tapping option to make even more money!  It is for Android devices, and you get download it from the Play Store or Amazon.  This is a strategy guide, with tips, tricks, and cheats about every part of the game.  There will be math added to the next version of this strategy guide, but as of right now, there are just the tips and tricks you need to know to have the best game you can have!
1. Milestones

Every 25 of a business is a new milestone.  These cost much more than the normal cost of the business, and they speed the collection rate of that individual business up by 4 or 5 times.  This is a huge deal, as it increases your profits by a lot.  Your goal should be to get to the milestones as fast as possible, and buy them as much as you can.  If you start at the top business in a town, and increase 25 buildings down toward your house at the bottom, the costs for each business is similar to the other ones in the town.

2. Business Bonuses

Every so often, either randomly, from clicking your house, or from buying new businesses, you will get something called a business bonus.  These can either be a 30 second tapping bonus, a 30 second profit boost, or an outright lump sum.  These can sometimes be doubled by watching an ad.  It can be confusing sometimes, as it can seem like you have to watch the ad to double and get the reward, but if you do not want to watch the ad, you can just click the little x and you will get the reward.  Watching the ad does double the reward, so it can give you a good amount of profit.

3. Houses

To buy businesses in a new town, you first need to buy the house. The house is in the bottom left corner of each town.  If you want to tap a house, you want to tap the house in the town that is bringing in the most revenue.  Tapping a house gives you a percentage of the revenue that the whole town is making.  To see how much each town is making from all the businesses combined, click the travel button in the very bottom left corner of your screen.  This brings up a fast travel screen, so you can instantly go to a different town, and you can also see how much revenue per second each town is making.  In the early game, the first town will have the highest revenue, so it is recommended to tap on that house [in Dust Valley].

4. Advisors

There are a total of 100 advisors in the game, and you can have 3 active at a time.  Each advisor gives you a passive bonus, even if you do not currently have it active. This means the more advisors you have, the higher your profit bonus from all your advisors will be.  Each advisor offers a different advantage.  Some give a bonus in a certain town, others give a bonus at a certain type of business, and others reduce the cost to buy milestones in certain places.  These advisors can be switched for each other at any time, so if you have multiple that give a profit bonus, and others that give a milestone price reduction, it would be better to have the profit multipliers on at all times, and then to switch to the milestone price reducers when you want to buy a milestone!

Every day you get a spin on the free advisor wheel.  You can also pay gems to get more spins, and more spins that will have a chance of getting even better advisors!

5. Gems

Gems is the special currency in this game.  You can either buy them with real money, or get them through in game means.  Every time you complete a achievement you get some gems.  You also occasionally get gems from tapping on a house.  Gems also come from daily chests and completely daily quests!

6. Space

There is now space in this game! (it was being worked on when this guide first came out).  Space offers a whole new dimension, new space advisors, and new astrobots.  This is pretty much a new start to this game, so you can play it twice, in the same game!  The tips above still apply for the space dimension.

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