Sugar, Sugar 3 Walkthrough and Review

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Check out the video walkthrough for Sugar, sugar 3 below.  A review of this game is written after the walkthrough!

Sugar, sugar 3 is the fourth game (there is a Christmas special) in the Sugar, sugar series.  Look for walkthroughs for the other 2 parts on very soon!

Sugar, sugar is a fun online puzzle game.  You have to direct sugar grains into a mug.  The sugar comes out of the comma at the top of the screen, and you have to draw lines with your mouse to give the sugar a path to follow into the mug.  This sounds simple, and it starts off very simple, but it gets progressively more difficult, as puzzle games tend to do.  There is a color changing mechanism, where you have to get a certain color of sugar grain into each mug, as well as a gravity altering button.  This makes the game much more interesting, and up the difficulty substantially.  There are 30 levels in this game, as well as the other Sugar, sugar games.

There are Kongregate badges for this game, beat level 6 for an easy 5 points, and beat all 30 levels for hard 30 point badge.  Try the game, and if you get stuck, come back here to and watch the walkthrough to get you through the hard levels!

Have fun, and enjoy the game!

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