Don’t Touch the Spikes Review

Don’t Touch the Spikes is one of my favorite games.  You play as a bird, and have to bounce back and fourth between the edge of your screen, while trying to avoid the spikes that show up on the side walls and that are on the bottom and top of your screen.  You try to collect candies as you bounce back and fourth.  You can use these candies to buy more birds for you to use as you play.  These candies are also used for the other game modes, which are talked about later in this post.  Each time you bounce off a wall, your score increases a point, and if on that bounce, there was no candy on the screen, one will spawn on the opposite wall.  Watch the video to see gameplay of Don’t Touch the Spikes.  There are no candies as they were turned off.


The cave is very similar to the base game of Don’t Touch the Spikes, as you control a bird bouncing back and fourth, but the spikes on the walls are moving, and the screen is dark except for a miners helmet that the bird is wearing.  This helmet is upgradable, as it starts out with a very small angle, which grows with every upgrade.  These upgrades cost candies, so you need to duel or play the base game to upgrade your miners helmet.  In the cave, you are collecting gems.  You can use these gems to buy more birds, and nothing else.

Don't Touch the Spikes - Cave


The park is different from the base game and the cave mode.  In this mini game, birds fly across the screen, and you tap them so they drop a crystal.  You can then tap these crystals from the ground to collect them.  You can then use these crystals to buy more birds, or upgrade your park.  To upgrade your park, you need both candies and crystals, but always more candies then crystals.  Upgrading your park means there will be more birds flying across the screen to be clicked, which leads to more crystals.

Cost to upgrade Don’t Touch the Spikes Park

Don't Touch the Spikes - Park


There are 120 challenges that can be completed while playing this game.  They range from getting a certain score in a game, to collecting a certain amount of gems or candy through many games.  Some of the challenges are very easy, while some are a grind, and others are difficult unless you are good at the game.

Full Challenge List


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Coming soon!

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