Klocki Walkthrough, Answers, and Review

Klocki is a fun puzzle game on a lot of different platforms, including web (Kongregate), Steam, Google Play, and iTunes.  You can also check out the website.  It is from the same game maker as Hook.  These are very relaxing puzzle games, which slowly ramp up in difficulty, without ever getting too frustrating, and always keeping you interested.  Klocki is a game that you will play multiple times, as well as wonder when the sequel is coming out, and why is it not out yet.

Klocki Walkthrough and Answers

If you want timestamps, you can check out the description of the video, or look below:

Level 1 – 0:00
Level 2 – 0:03
Level 3 – 0:07
Level 4 – 0:12
Level 5 – 0:18
Level 6 – 0:23
Level 7 – 0:32
Level 8 – 0:45
Level 9 – 1:14
Level 10 – 1:29
Level 11 – 1:38
Level 12 – 1:53
Level 13 – 2:05
Level 14 – 2:39
Level 15 – 3:02
Level 16 – 3:17
Level 17 – 3:32
Level 18 – 3:46
Level 19 – 4:12
Level 20 – 5:02
Level 21 – 5:21
Level 22 – 5:57
Level 23 – 6:11
Level 24 – 6:30
Level 25 – 7:32
Level 26 – 8:43
Level 27 – 9:07
Level 28 – 9:28


Download, or go play Klocki online now, and follow along with this walkthrough.  I would recommend trying it out on your own first, and coming back to this walkthrough when you get stuck.

Klocki Review

Klocki is a game where you move tiles and blocks to connect lines together, to make full connecting lines.  It is definitely a puzzle game, so you will have to think a little bit, but is a relaxing game, so you can play whenever you want to.

The soundtrack is also very good, and works perfectly with the game.  The music was made by Wojciech Wasiak, and fits the relaxing and calming nature of Klocki perfectly.  This game will keep you focused for hours, as you will want to keep replaying levels to hold yourself over until Maciej Targoni (Rainbow Train), the game creator, creates another super relaxing and fun puzzle game.

If you finish this game, and want more, check out Hook, which is linked above.  It is another relaxing puzzle game that will keep you busy for a long time, and slowly at the perfect rate ramps up the difficulty.


Have fun playing Klocki!

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