Disaster Will Strike Walkthrough and Review

Disaster Will Strike is a puzzle game on Kongregate.

The objective is to break all the dinosaur eggs on the level, using a variety of disasters, such as high winds, earthquakes, and bugs.  This is an enjoyable game, and if you like it, there are many more games in the series.

Check out Disaster Will Strike video walkthrough below, and check the bottom of the post for walkthroughs for other games in this series.

This is a fun puzzle game.  There are a good amount of levels, and you can find more levels in the other games in the Disaster Will Strike series.  There are no badges on Kongregate for this game, but there are badges for other games in this series.  Disaster Will Strike is on many game websites, so if you have another favorite, you can probably go play it there!

Enjoy playing Disaster Will Strike, and enjoy the walkthrough above!

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