Laser Maze Full Walkthrough

Laser Maze is a short puzzle game by Owl Games.  This is their first game on Google Play.  It is a fun puzzle game, with levels that make you think, and try a lot of different combinations.  You turn and move blocks to get the correct color lasers to the matching input.  Some levels require very small movements to get the laser beam perfect, which lives up to its name of Laser Maze.

Enjoy this walkthrough, download the game to play along, and comment which game you want us to do a walkthrough for next!

Level 1

Laser Maze 1

Level 2

Laser Maze 2

Level 3

Laser Maze 3

Level 4

Laser Maze 4

Level 5

Laser Maze 5

Level 6

Laser Maze 6

Level 7

Laser Maze 7

Level 8

Laser Maze 8

Level 9

Laser Maze 9

Level 10

Laser Maze 10

Level 11

Laser Maze 11

Level 12

Laser Maze 12

Level 13

Laser Maze 13

Level 14

Laser Maze 14

Get It On Google Play

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